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Nikola Tesla’s Revealed Super Technologies Resurface as Recent Breakthroughs

While he was among us, Nikola Tesla displayed a level of knowledge that was far ahead of his time. As of right now, he’s widely regarded as one of the greatest geniuses in history. When certain predictions that he made in the 19th century became a reality, his prominence in the modern world increased even more.

When it comes to the electrical systems we use today, we can get a sense of the impact Nikola Tesla has had by looking at how widely alternating current (AC) is used today because of its ability to travel long distances. Let’s take a look at some more of his incredible works.

The use of a wireless network

This was a major point of interest to the great inventor Nikola Tesla, who worked tirelessly to develop wireless technologies that could more effectively transmit information. Tesla’s preserved papers (primarily diaries) readily reveal that the inventor speculated about the possibility of sending messages, telephone signals, and documents without the use of wires in the near future.

Wi-fi proved to be a great success for Tesla, making this prediction practically indispensable in the world we now inhabit.

Smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices

In 1926, the visionary demonstrated his plans for a technology that would allow anyone to receive images, music, and even movies from anywhere in the world. It was curiously titled, ‘Pocket technology’.

It’s strikingly similar to modern-day cell phones. Even the inventor claimed that we could attend meetings and other events remotely as if we were actually there. His demonstrations perfectly justify the use of today’s smartphones.

Remote inventions

In 1898, Tesla exhibited the first remote-controlled device. It was made abundantly clear during the demonstration that a wire between the command center and the object was not required for proper operation. Tesla’s demonstration was a major technological leap in the evolution of remote-controlled devices.

In his mind, remote devices would play an important role in the future. He got it right yet again. Some examples of this include robots (used in war, factories, and at home), some types of vehicles, drones, and even the controls for television and cellphones.

Aircraft used for commercial purposes

One of humanity’s greatest aspirations was to travel the world in the shortest amount of time possible. On the other hand, Tesla predicted that aircraft would be capable of transporting large numbers of people in a short period of time.

“Airship propulsion will be a major use of wireless energy in the future because it will eliminate the need for fuel and open the door to new possibilities not possible with current technology. In a matter of hours, we’ll be able to travel from New York to Europe”, the inventor stated. Using only fuel-powered aircraft, it still came very close to capturing the current state of affairs.