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Hit Songs by Bosswomen BLACKPINK That Best Describe You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The world’s most popular girl group is known for its bold, empowering approach to music. And the medium for this is diverse, with tracks ranging from heart-thumping EDM-dance numbers to soul-stirring romantic ballads. Naturally, there’s a tune to complement every season and occasion. However, if you’ve ever wondered which of these bops would most likely be the soundtrack to your life, the answer might lie in the stars. Here’s a look at the perfect BLACKPINK song for each zodiac sign. The advent of K-pop saw several artists go from only being celebrated in their hometown of South Korea to featuring in global music charts.

That said, few girl groups have managed to have the kind of meteoric rise that’s associated with BLACKPINK. Call it the allure of their boldness and charisma or the unique quality of their hypnotic signature trap tracks – the quartet has sold out concerts, broken numerous records, and featured in several headlines since they first debuted in 2016. And while their discography is short, every track has enjoyed considerable success, with many experts trying to piece together their magic formula. Most of them come with very similar themes of heartbreak, passion, and working one’s way up from hardship. Not to mention, staying determined and eventually dangling success in the face of naysayers. However, subtle thematic differences and lyrical diversity allows them to be playable at most moments – from a wedding to a sleepover. That said, one that’s got a sureshot chance of making it to your most-played lists might have something to do with the cosmos. Afterall, astrology spotlights our most dominant traits, which in turn define our choices. Here’s a look at which BLACKPINK song best describes each zodiac sign.

The BLACKPINK song that truly embodies the qualities of each zodiac sign

Sagittarius: See U Later

Sagittarius is known to be adventurous, optimistic, and free-spirited. The dance-pop See U Later reflects their high self-esteem and ability to kiss anything that doesn’t serve them goodbye. Fusing pop, hip-hop, and trap, the upbeat vocals have the girls saying, “You should’ve only looked at me and worshipped me. Like a queen bee,” depicting a certain confidence most associated with this fire sign. They continue, “I will throw you away, recycle,” and “I’m a boss bitch..I already erased your phone number,” The brevity of the lyrics and their delivery as well as the underlying positivity is quite like a Sagittarius. Not to mention, the girls are ready to live it up and head to a party by the end, “My heart’s pumping again towards the thrill, and boomin’. Pedal to the metal like.” – a plan this fire sign would always be up for.


Aries: Boombayah

Aries is known to be fiery, adventurous, and impulsive. The bold and boisterous Boombayah is their perfect match. The club-ready EDM dance and hip-hop track features hypnotic chants and heart-thumping beats. The choreography is wild and the music video vibrant. The song sees the confident BLACKPINK sing (and rap) about living in the moment and being spontaneous and free-spirited in love. “Today yours and mine, our youth’s a gamble,” Lisa raps in the track. This no-regrets approach to love is a hallmark of this fire sign. “I’m young and fearless, man,” she continues, before saying, “90’s baby, I pump up the jam.” and “don’t dare to stop me, if anyone gets in my way I’ma go, brrrr, Rambo.” – channelling aggression, self-assuredness, and a fun-loving attitude that Aries can get behind.

Taurus: Ddu-Du Ddu-Du

Taurus is known to be forthcoming and hardworking. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and wealth – those born under this sign are drawn to all things elegant and luxurious. The wildly popular pop-rap track Ddu-Du Ddu-Du defines their honest, determined, and bold approach to life. It infuses prominent tap beats with bubblegum sounds and oriental percussion rhythms. The lyrics are confident, touching upon the girl group’s self-assuredness of their place in the music industry. It also spotlights how they’ve worked their way to the top. “Our hands are full with a fat check. If you’re curious, fact check,” Lisa challenges. “I can’t act nice like other people, don’t be mistaken,” the singers add. The bottom line? They’re genuine, real, unbothered, in their lane, and thriving – just like this earth sign always is.

Gemini: Pink Venom

Geminis are known to be competitive, charming, and easily bored. Represented by the twins, those born under this sign have a multi-faceted personality and can look at things from different perspectives. Pink Venom accurately depicts their duality. The song represents the two sides of BLACKPINK – the sweet and deadly, soft but powerful. Or as the lyrics put it, “a poisonous flower.” True to this dichotomy, the track fuses modern EDM-pop sensibilities with traditional Korean instruments and influences from 90s hip hop. It also features iconic lines from Biggie Smalls, Rihanna, and Taylor Swift – keeping up with pop-culture just like this air sign. Catchy, fun, and confident – the video for the single is vibrant and young. Naturally, it’s got Gemini written all over it.

Cancer: Sour Candy


Cancers are known to be devoted and nuanced. Represented by the crab – those born under this sign have a hard, aloof exterior (their shell, if you may). However, once comfortable, they reveal their sensitive side. Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK note in Sour Candy ‘I’m hard on the outside. But if you give me time. Then I could make time for your love.” and “Inside got a heart of gold” – perfectly representing this water sign. A fusion of dance-electro-and bubblegum pop with deep house – the high-energy song insists that if a lover sticks around, they’d be privy to sweet authenticity. The lyrics also point to a deep and intense relationship – something Cancers would most likely find themselves in.

Leo: Shut Down

Leos are known to be bold and assertive. Shut Down reflects their ambition, grit, and devil-may-care attitude. The catchy hip-hop song sees BLACKPINK clap back at haters, reminding them that “It’s not a game since we’ve never lost. Bark, because the leash on your neck is mine.” It features a trap beat fused with prominent classical violin notes – with lyrics that ooze confidence and the group’s signature savagery. They touch upon how far their perseverance and skill has gotten them. “Been around the world, pearls on ya girl,” Jennie raps, referencing a wealth and a certain regal status in the industry that this luxury-loving, royal fire sign both covets and embodies. The choreography is hard-hitting and the video is grunge – a blend of aggression and suave that’s most associated with this Leos. Besides, BlackPink warns naysayers, “you don’t wanna be on my bad side,” – a sentiment this zodiac lives by.

Virgo: You Never Know

Virgos are known to be methodical, intelligent, and practical. You Never Know sheds light on how hard they can be on themselves and their sincerity towards their careers and relationships. The heartfelt ballad has the girls saying, “You’ll never know, my tangled strings” and “Even if the whole world changes. I’m still the same,” – referring to a complex yet stable, grounded quality to their personalities that this earth sign is most known for. Their vulnerability about their struggles with public perception and their own craft transforms into optimism as the track progresses, with the girls noting that they’d stay patient and positive – something that the resilient Virgo would be inspired by. Afterall, if there’s one sign that knows how to navigate challenges wisely, it’s this one.

Libra: As If It’s Your Last

Libras are known to be charming and social. As If It’s Your Last reflects their tendency to wear their hearts on their sleeve. The peppy song fuses synth-pop with house, reggae, and disco with BLACKPINK asking a fictional love interest to show them affection like it’s their last love. “Time is ticking, I’m getting impatient, You run my world and I’m missing you,” they sing, adding “Stop thinking, what’s so hard about this?”. This hints at a certain spontaneous, almost foolishly romantic tendency to move quickly when attracted to someone – something this air sign would relate to. Besides, the melody and music video of summer-fling track embodies a youthful energy that Libras are known for. Not to mention, the fashion is quirky yet impeccable – which this chic zodiac sign would appreciate.

Scorpio: Kill This Love

Scorpios are known to be romantic and emotionally intense. Kill This Love touches upon all the complex, murky feelings that come with a toxic relationship – reflecting on the water sign’s ability to love deeply and rise above heartbreak with their head held high. The electro-pop-trap song sees BLACKPINK confess, “I’m a slave to my emotions. Screw this heartless love” and “Feelin’ like a sinner,” which they later follow up with honesty “After all, in the end we lie So what? So what?” Scorpios are known to be quite forthcoming and genuine – allowing them to relate to this self-aware approach to processing a past relationship. The group is ready to drop the dead weight, vowing to “Kill this love,” with a certain introspection and passion that only this zodiac sign would be brave enough to do.


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