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Ukrainian Forces’ Attempted Attack on Russian Su-30 Jet in the Black Sea

Ukrainian forces attempted a MANPADS surface-to-air weapon attack against a Russian military plane in the Black Sea.

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Directorate (GUR) reported on Wednesday that in the territorial waters of Ukraine near Zmiinyi Island, in the area of an oil platform, there was a clash between a Russian military aircraft and Ukrainian combat boats.

According to a press release from GUR, a Russian fighter jet attempted to attack the Ukrainian Security and Defense Forces military vessels but was rebuffed.

“The enemy propaganda disseminated a fake report about the alleged defeat and sinking of a Ukrainian boat,” the message added.

“In fact, the Russian rockets fell into the water and continued to move to meet the Moskva cruiser, causing no damage to the Ukrainian military,” the GUR said.

In response to the attempted attack, Ukrainian soldiers struck at the Russian Su-30SM fighter aircraft. A missile fired from a Ukrainian combat boat damaged the Russian aircraft, which was forced to immediately leave the battle and fly towards the nearest airfield.