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Ukrainian Air Defense Systems Shoot Down 15 Out Of 18 Cruise Missiles Fired By Russia

Kiev – Ukrainian air defense systems shot down 15 of the 18 missiles fired by Russian troops in the early hours of Monday (1/5/2023).

Military Commander General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi announced this via Telegram. The firing of dozens of missiles occurred as Moscow’s forces intensified attacks on Ukraine in recent days.

“At around 02.30, Russian invaders attacked Ukraine from strategic aircraft,” said the announcement posted by General Zaluzhnyi. Kiev city officials wrote on Telegram that all missiles aimed at the capital were destroyed in what they said was the second attack on the city in three days.

“According to (initial information), no casualties among the civilian population and no damage to housing facilities or infrastructure was recorded,” the Kiev city government said. For details, see the infographic.


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