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Ukraine’s ‘SpetsTechnoExport’ Unveils Lethal Arsenal: Hundreds of MAGURA V5 Kamikaze Marine Drones, 320kg Warhead, 830km Range

SpetsTechnoExport attended the DSEI-2023 exhibition in London to talk about its Maritime Autonomous Guard Unmanned Robotic Apparatus (MAGURA) V5 kamikaze drones.

The Ukrainian Defence Forces began using MAGURA V5 attack drones as early as last autumn, but it wasn’t until mid-summer that the Ukrainian company officially unveiled the system. The drone is designed for reconnaissance, surveillance, fleet protection and strikes against enemy ships.

SpetsTechnoEksport says the MAGURA V5 is the world’s first maritime drone with publicly available video confirmation of target engagement. It has a 320kg payload and a range of over 830km.

Last year, Ukrainian authorities stated their desire to create a fleet of maritime attack drones. In late summer, the Ukrainian Navy formed world’s first brigade to be armed with maritime surface unmanned ships. A SpetsTekhnoEksport spokesman said the company has been able to build hundreds of MAGURA V5 systems.

A mock-up of the drone was demonstrated at the London exhibition. The real drone has dimensions of 5.5 x 1.5 metres. The maximum speed of the MAGURA V5 is 75 kilometres per hour.