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Ukraine Welcomes First F-16 Fighter Jet From Czech Republic, Elevating Its Aerial Capability

Ukraine has repeatedly asked the West to provide F-16 fighter jets to deal with Russian forces.

Kiev authorities have always believed that this fighter is an important asset to help them win in the ongoing counter-offensive campaign. However, due to current restrictions, Ukraine only receives flight simulators provided by the Czech Republic. Serhii Nykyforov, spokesman for the Office of the President of Ukraine, said that the delivery of simulation training equipment to the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been completed.

According to Bulgarianmilitary, flight simulators will help pilots quickly familiarize themselves with modern aircraft models, especially combat maneuvers. However, because most pilots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not fluent in English.

So, out of 30 Ukrainian pilots trained on the simulator, only 8 met the necessary standards. Specific details regarding the aircraft simulator provided by the Czech Republic to Ukraine have not been disclosed. The Czech Republic is very famous for its flight simulation technology, the country has made great strides in improving and perfecting these systems.

As soon as Washington gave the green light, there were a number of allies ready to provide F-16s to Ukraine. According to Bulgarianmilitary sources, Denmark and the Netherlands plan to supply Ukraine with 45 F-16s.

The Kingdom of Belgium plays the role of refurbishing and upgrading the F-16s before they are officially delivered to Ukraine. The F-16s planned by Denmark and the Netherlands are intended to replace and supplement the Ukrainian MiG-29s, which were shot down during the conflict with Russia.

Previously, in early 2023 the Netherlands sold dozens of F-16 fighters and plans to sell 28 more by the end of the year. However, that plan was cancelled. There is much speculation that these 28 F-16 fighters may be handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Danish F-16s is also under consideration. If Denmark decides to donate F-16s to Ukraine, it will affect relations with Argentina. The South American country is also actively improving its air force capabilities, through the purchase of F-16 fighter jets from Denmark.

Earlier, there were discussions about an agreement between Argentina and Denmark to procure F-16s. There were visits by technical teams and experts to assess the feasibility of the deal. However, any purchase involving US weapons requires Washington’s approval. As of now, the White House administration has not commented on the matter.