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Ukraine Approves Use of SAKER SCOUT Drone with Artificial Intelligence for Its Armed Forces

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has authorized the use of the SAKER SCOUT drone with artificial intelligence in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is stated in a message from the department in Telegram.

Thanks to its advanced optics, the system independently recognizes and records the coordinates of enemy vehicles (even camouflaged ones), immediately transmitting the information to the command post for appropriate decision-making. This eliminates the risk of human error, as the operator’s eye is not always able to capture all the nuances.

The complex includes a flagship reconnaissance drone and several FPV kamikaze drones that are controlled, in particular, by the flagship drone.

The SAKER SCOUT has a flight range of up to 10 km and can be equipped with infrared optics for night operation. The drone is capable of using an inertial guidance system, which significantly increases its resistance to electronic warfare.

SAKER is integrated into all the Armed Forces’ existing situational awareness systems, including the Delta system.

Earlier, the features and characteristics of the Ukrainian artificial intelligence drone SkyKnight 2 were revealed. It was also approved for operation by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.