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Turkish Military Unveils Cutting-Edge Air Defense and Ground Combat Systems

Two Turkish defense companies introduced new military systems for air defense and ground combat operations during the 2023 International Defence Industry Fair Exhibition in Istanbul.

Ankara-based military electronics firm Aselsan showcased its newly-launched GÜRZ air defense system, likened to Russia’s Pantsir self-propelled air-defense weapon.

The system is designed to protect stationary units and military convoys on the move from incoming threats.

It features exceptional target detection, diagnosis, tracking capabilities, preventive measures, and advanced threat assessment.

Fitted on an 8×8 wheeled vehicle, the GÜRZ can target missiles, drones, helicopters, and fighter jets at low altitudes.

According to Aselsan, the weapon serves as an answer to the increased need for military assets with “strategic maneuvering capabilities.”

New Unmanned Land Vehicle

State-owned military software company Havelsan has also unveiled its new Barkan unmanned ground system for the Turkish Armed Forces.

The state-of-the-art robot underwent rigorous trials for almost two years to ensure it was well-suited for military operations.

The firm said its new land vehicle has a 12.7-millimeter weapon and can carry 40-millimeter grenade launchers and other missiles.

An advanced version called the Barkan II boasts enhanced mobility and doubles the vehicle’s weight capacity to accommodate heavy weapons.

Both variants of the Barkan unmanned vehicles were presented at the exhibition.