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Turkey Unveils Advanced Kamikaze Drones: AI-Powered with Cutting-Edge Optical Guidance

Turkey is again demonstrating the latest technological capabilities from the military field by presenting a kamikaze (suicide) drone with optical guidance with AI technology. The kamikaze drone, named Kagem, was developed by Baykar, which is known as the manufacturer of the Bayraktar TB2 combat drone.



Quoted from the Bulgarian Military website, the Kagem kamikaze drone was first shown at the TeknoFest 2023 exhibition. Chairman of the Baykar Board of Directors, Seichuk Bayraktar, called the Kagem kamikaze drone a “mini navigation missile.” Kagem will be used as ammunition for the Akinci UCAV, Bayraktar TB2 and Bayraktar TB3 combat drones. Here Kagem functions as a Loitering Munition so that it has a longer range when launched from a combat drone.

Kagem has a communication range of 50+ kilometers and an operational range of 200+ km. The newest Turkish-made kamikaze drone can fly for at least an hour in the air and will quickly make its way to its target thanks to its turbojet engine.



Kamikaze drones, which can also perform autonomous flight, are specifically designed to destroy strategic targets deep behind enemy lines. Kagem, which is equipped with optical guidance with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, can operate up to an altitude of 18,000 feet.

The presence of AI technology in the autopilot system is capable of hitting enemy targets with high accuracy and precision. The normal cruising speed of Kagem’s kamikaze drone is a maximum of Mach 0.3 and can dive towards its target with a maximum speed of Mach 0.7.



With a length of 1.73 meters and a wingspan of 1.25 meters, the Kamikaze Kagem drone can carry a payload of 6 kilograms. The Kagem drone is equipped with a camera system with 2-axis stabilization, 36x zoom and a laser rangefinder with a range of 2.8 kilometers.

Baykar is also believed to be developing heavier and longer ranged ammunition. Experts believe that the presence of Kagem kamikaze drones will change the balance of power on the front lines. Not because it has a long operational range, but also the ability to fly independently.

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