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Tragedy Strikes as Spanish Air Force EF-18M Hornet Fighter Crashes in Zaragoza; Shocking Video Emerges

McDonnell Douglas EF-18 Hornet fighter (E = Espana/Spain) of the 15th Wing of the Spanish Air Force crashed during an exhibition in Zaragoza.

The crash which occurred at 12:10 UTC+2 was caught on amateur video. The plane swooped down and the pilot ejected using the ejection seat. A few seconds later the plane hit the ground and exploded. The fire was seen billowing high.


According to information shared by related parties, the pilot has the rank of Captain with more than 1,000 flight hours.

The Heraldo de Aragón newspaper reported that the plane had crashed at the end of runway 3/0 R. Shortly after, videos and photos were uploaded to Twitter and other social media.

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