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Strategic Maneuver: Two Chinese Navy Type 075 Amphibious Assault Ships Sail in Tandem, Amidst Rising Tensions with Taiwan

Two Chinese Navy Type 075 amphibious assault ships recently sailed together for the first time, even as a third ship of the same type is undergoing sea trials for amphibious landings with the island of Taiwan being a key potential target.

After announcing the commissioning of the second Type 075 amphibious assault ship, the Guangxi, in late April, the PLA Navy released a promotional video on Wednesday, introducing the theme song of the ship, “the Battle Song of the Flag Ship.”

The Hainan is attached to the PLA Southern Theater Command Navy, and the Guangxi is attached to the PLA Eastern Theater Command Navy. Should a reunification-by-force operation take place, the two ships can either be deployed from the south and the north to the east side of the island of Taiwan, or they can form a dual amphibious assault ship group, concentrating their forces for a landing mission, Global Times reported quoting a military expert.

The dual amphibious assault ship group is now a new instrument at the PLA Navy’s disposal for key amphibious landing missions, the expert said. A third Type 075 is reportedly undergoing sea trials, and is expected to enter service soon.

The music video shows the vessel carrying out a number of training exercises, including maneuvering at sea; integrated training with vessel-based Z-8 helicopters, Type 726 air-cushioned landing craft and Type 05 amphibious armored vehicles; maritime replenishment with a Type 901 comprehensive supply ship; live-fire shooting with ship-borne weapons, and damage control.

It also features for the first time a scene where the Guangxi sailed together with the Hainan, the first Type 075 that entered PLA naval service in April 2021, in dual ship drills. The Guangxi is rapidly on its way to achieve initial operation capability, the Global Times reported on Thursday.

The lyrics of the Guangxi’s song feature a line saying a mission of the ship is “national reunification,” a reference to forcible occupation of the island of Taiwan.