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Raw Power: Fully Loaded B-1 Lancer Takes Off with Full Afterburner at $320 Million Cost

After numerous design changes and financial constraints since its conception in 1963, the B-1B Lancer was first delivered in 1989.

According to the video, the Advanced Manned Precision Strike System (AMPSS) began in 1963. The program was to create a strategic penetrator aircraft that complements the B-52. The following year, the program was revised and retitled the Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft (AMSA). Then the program was postponed and was reconstructed again as the B-1A program in 1969.

The footages shows how the loader be able to transport missiles and carry up to 7000 lbs off payload, where the crew boards or exits the aircraft, who gets to operate it, and its other features that will surely amaze you.

It was also explained how the aircraft is powered by 4 turbofan engines that enable it to reach a top speed of 530mph. It is operated by 27 crew that include electronic warfare officers, intelligence, and cockpit crew. The aircraft has a flight range of 3440 miles and can be extended with aerial refueling as well.

You’ll also learn in the video how the pilot established their final approach, how the boom operator monitors the transfer and how they maneuver the refueling boom.


100 units of the B-1B Lancer were built since 1985, and only 45 remain in service in 2021. Go ahead and check the video to see one.