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Oron Takes Flight: Israel’s AI-Powered Reconnaissance Beast Elevates Skyborne Surveillance

On August 27, the Israeli Ministry of Defence announced on X/Twitter that a flight test plan for operational qualification had just begun for the Oron, and they emphasised that it would be the world’s most advanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft.

The Department of Defence Research and Development (DDR&D), the Israeli Air Force, the Intelligence Corps, the Israeli Navy, and private corporations such as Elta, a unit of Israel Aerospace Industries, are all contributing to the development of the Oron.

ORON is a Gulfstream G550 equipped with several sensors and next-generation C4ISR technologies designed to give it intelligence capabilities that have never been seen before and will change how threats from both far and close are dealt with. All of this depends on algorithms that use artificial intelligence to process massive amounts of data in a short amount of time.

Oron is a common multi-domain, a multi-sensor solution that will give the ability to accurately track multiple targets over a wide coverage area, in all weather and visibility conditions, with high accuracy and in real-time, which will allow a quick and decisive response to all threats, says a DDR&D officer.

Oron’s systems are based on unique technological knowledge built up over many years in the industry and DDR&D. The officer adds that this information collection lets Israel prepare well for future threats in its operating areas.

General Amikam Nurkin, the Israeli Air Force commander, says that this aircraft’s powers will add to what the IAF already has. This will help the IAF keep its operational superiority in the skies of the Middle East and make Israel safer.

The Israeli Air Force is already well-equipped in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities. It has three Gulfstream G550 “Shavit” planes that gather and analyse electromagnetic signals (ELINT), six RC-12D Guardrail planes (Beechcraft C-12 Huron planes), and various other types of aerial drones, such as Eitan, Heron, and Hermes 900, among others. The capabilities will be enhanced by deploying the Oron in its 122nd wing, which is situated in Nevatim.