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North Korea Reveals Massive Underwater Drone: A Show of Maritime Prowess

North Korea held a military parade in Pyongyang on Thursday night, unveiling a new unmanned undersea vehicle it called the “world’s most powerful weapon.”

A giant new underwater drone reportedly is called the “Haeil.”

Seoul-based specialist site NK News reported that the new drone is a nuclear-armed unmanned undersea vehicle that it claimed could create a “radioactive tsunami.”

The Haeil unmanned undersea vehicle is powered by a compact nuclear reactor and capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. It can navigate autonomously and may even have the ability to be remotely redirected or have its mission aborted after it’s launched.

The capability of the new done remain shrouded in mystery, but its key strength is thought to be its ability to operate very deep and fast underwater, making it hard to intercept.

Meanwhile, North Korean state media reported that the country has already tested its underwater nuclear attack ‘drone.’

During the underwater strategic weapon system test that ran from April 4 through 7, state media KCNA said the drone navigated 1,000 km of underwater distance for 71 hours, 6 minutes and successfully hit a simulated target.

“The test perfectly proved the reliability of the underwater strategic weapon system and its fatal attack ability,” KCNA said.