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Milestone Unveiled: Boeing Reveals First Production MQ-25 Stingray for USS Theodore Roosevelt

Boeing is preparing MQ-25 Stingray drones for static and flight testing. The company showed the first production drone that will enter service with the US Navy.

Here’s What We Know

The MQ-25 Stingray is an unmanned aerial refuelling drone being developed by Boeing for the US Navy. In 2018, the defence contractor received $805 million to build four drones, and in 2020, the service signed a contract to buy three more drones.

The U.S. Navy intends to have 76 unmanned aerial refuellers in service. The cost of the fleet is estimated at $1.3bn.

In early 2023, Boeing announced that drone deliveries would be delayed from 2025 to 2026. The first UAV will be deployed aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

The MQ-25 Stingray is 15.5 metres long. It has a wingspan of 23 metres. The unmanned air tanker will be able to reach speeds of over 600 kilometres. It will have a range of over 900 kilometres.