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High-Stakes Aerial Warfare: $500 FPV Drones Take Down 13 Russian Tanks, 15 Artillery Systems, and 28 Armored Combat Vehicles

The Security Service of Ukraine has reported on the effectiveness of the use of FPV drones. The unmanned aerial vehicles destroyed several dozen units of the enemy’s military equipment.

The Security Service of Ukraine said in a statement that the fighters of the Centre for Special Operations “A” destroyed 13 Russian tanks using FPV drones. They also managed to hit 28 armoured fighting vehicles.

The targets of the kamikaze UAVs were artillery systems, of which 15 were destroyed. Also FPV drones eliminated 40 firing positions, two surveillance assets and 32 pieces of automotive equipment.

The cost of one FPV drone is estimated at an average of $500. For example, the Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation recently purchased 1,000 FPV drones for about $430,000.