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Brave1: Ukraine’s Cutting-Edge Drone Takes on Russian Soldiers in Battlefield Combat

The Ukrainian government is developing drones to face a war with Russia. The drone, named Brave1, is expected to benefit the Ukrainian war.



Quoted from AP News, innovation in the development of drones is very important in the war with Russia. Mykhailo Fedorov, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine said the drone, dubbed Brave1, is expected to give Ukraine a battlefield advantage with Russia.

“Considering the enemy right next to us and its scale, we definitely need to develop military technology so that we can defend ourselves. The government has allocated more than 100 million hryvnias (about USD 2.7 million) to fund projects that have the potential to help Ukraine win the conflict 14 last month.

There are many people on the battlefield now from the younger generation who can work with technology, and they need it,” he said. According to him, Ukraine is fighting for independence within its military capabilities, and Brave1 could be a step towards achieving this.

“We must not depend on the free will of our partners. We must invest resources into our independence so that we can defend ourselves,” he continued.

In dealing with Russia, Ukraine has used unmanned ground vehicles, robotic systems for identifying land mines, and unmanned aerial systems.

Not only Ukraine, Russia also uses unmanned aerial vehicles for reconnaissance and attacks. Russia extensively used Iranian long-range Shahed-136 blast drones to damage Ukrainian power plants and instill fear in civilians.

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